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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Kenya. Most Internet users use search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN's Bing to look for information, products and services online. The links that come out on the first page of the Search Engine Results (SERPs) are most likely to get clicked by the user, and will hence receive most of the resulting business. The higher your website ranks in the organic search results the more profitable your Online Marketing efforts will be. This is where Search Engine Potimization (SEO) comes in:
The most effective way to drive visitors to your website at the lowest cost is to build your website's organic search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective tool for improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website. The process involves a combination of "on page" and "off page" strategies design to support your business goals. Visibility in the search engines will improve your company's online brand exposure while increasing site traffic, time one site, and conversions.

How do we get your website to the top?

We design your SEO campaign to begin with a thorough setup process that includes an extensive keyword analysis and on-page optimization to make your websites search engine friendly. This includes the following deliverables:
  • Client Needs Assessment Review
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Strategy
  • Baseline Keyword Ranking Report
  • Keyword targeting along with unique branding enticement of the Title Tags & Meta Descriptions (i.e. Keyword assignment creation and implementation)
  • Keyword Assignment Creation and Implementation
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setuplist item
  • Canonicalization of non-www & wwwlist item
  • Canonicalization of Index or default pageslist item
  • URL rewriting using keyword rich URLs with an organized categorization
  • Proper use of the robots.txt file to direct the search engines away from corporate sensitive information on the site
  • Proper interlinking of the site for both discovery by the search engines and SEO strength of the pages
  • Utilization of all client associations and relationships to build proper linking to the site
  • Resolution of web elements that can potentially cause penalties or banning in search engines
  • Continuation of constant client communication and in depth metrics reports to weigh SEO effectiveness against the client's overall goals
  • In addition to on page optimization, our SEO campaigns include effective off page optimization techniques. Off page SEO involves techniques and strategies to increase a websites search engine ranking through link building campaigns.
  • High quality back links help convey trust and authority to search engines, which positively affect search engine rankings. Off page optimization generally includes:
    • Directory Submissions
    • Press Releases
    • Article writing and submissions to article directories
    • Link encouragement campaigns
    • All SEO campaigns are continually monitored, analyzed, and adjusted to achieve the best results possible. We prepare detailed monthly reports that include a campaign summary analysis, highlights, top rankings, and analytics information. Upon request, we can generate campaign reports weekly, bi-weekly, and on-demand. In addition, our key team members are available for in-person strategy meetings as needed by the client.
Reporting will be based on the analytics of the websites involved, along with information provided by the search engines themselves, such as Google Webmaster Tools. This data is combined in tandem with our knowledge and experience within the industry to provide direct and pertinent reporting, as well as identify recommendations.

Why chose us?

Search engine algorithms change regularly, and nolcorg prides itself on being aware of the latest developments in SEO. Unlike many SEO companies who use outdated strategies and techniques, our search engine optimization team is constantly receiving SEO training and is aware of what search engines value the most today. We apply new developments into our SEO strategies through our:
In-depth SEO labs and diagnostics
Prioritizing quality link building
Conducting accurate and extensive keyword research focusing on long tail keyword terms with a high keyword effectiveness index score
Internal and External Link analysis
As a search engine optimization firm, we closely follow the Google guidelines, which are disseminated each quarter, but have many other ways of obtaining proprietary information regarding search engine behavior as well. Our team regularly attends major search engine marketing workshops and stays in constant communication with other industry experts to collaborate and keep up-to-date with the newest and most effective SEO tools and techniques. Using these innovative methods, our engineers are often able to update clients' SEO campaigns before new updates to Google's algorithm are implemented- thus shielding clients from falling in ranks. As a leading search engine optimization agency, nolcorg applies knowledge of this nature to all current and future SEO campaigns.
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