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Why is domain names important?

On the simplest level, domain names are important for the reason that the structure of internet addressing will be of no use without domain names. Each computer, or any gadget that connects to the internet for that matter, possesses an IP (internet protocols) address. The IP address is a set of four numbers with each set separated from the other by a period. An example would be 123.02.678.9. Trying to remember sets of numbers is not exactly easy for the average person so a domain names system was created in order to give each IP address an actual name.
However, domain names are not just shortcuts used for IP addresses. Short and easy-to-remember domain names can mean the difference between being a star of the internet and being lost in vastness of the worldwide web.
A small business can gain credibility through using a good domain name. By using domain names, online businesses can make themselves appear more professional and attractive to their customers. While a generic form of domain names as addresses will not count for much in a customer's eyes.
Domain names are a good way of telling the world that you are now part of the digital revolution. Having your own domain name may just be the one thing that puts you ahead of your business competitors.
Domain names add mobility. Owning a domain name will allow you to take the domain name along should you need to change web hosting service providers. Not owning a domain name will mean you need to create new addresses which will extinguish the brand that you have spent so much time, money and effort to build up.
Domain names build up brands. Domain names can help increase awareness of your businesses or companies. Domain names that match your business names will reinforce your brands and will make it much more convenient for your customers to keep coming back.
Just like logos, trade names or brand names, domain names represent your business identity; identity that customers remember and recognize, as well as, associate with your business' products.
Registering your domain name will prevent others from using it. This ensures that your domain name belongs to you and your business or company. Domain names are also very economical these days and it is so easy to get them.
Should you be interested in getting a domain name, there are some factors that you need do consider.
With domain names, size matters
With domain names, the shorter the domain name is the better. Although short domain names are harder to find, having a short domain name has many advantages such as being easy to recall and being difficult to spell wrong.
Domain names need to have recall value
Choosing a domain name that is very easy to remember is always a good idea. Though general words may be best for domain names, they are getting harder to find and non-general domain names may be used instead. Combinations of general names are also good choices for domain names.
Domain names should relate to your business
Using keywords in your domain name that are related to your company, industry or line of business will definitely help you with your ranking in search engines. And, if you manage to get domain name that is your actual business names or similar to your company's name, your off-line brands will definitely pay off on the internet as customers will find it easy to find your domain name from your business name.
Using numbers as part of domain names may be a good idea if using it makes the domain names catchy like or The problem with numbers is that visitors may get the impression that you could not get the real domain names and you had substituted them with numbers instead. They are not always easy to describe over the telephone either.
Domain names that are hyphenated may have their uses
There are numerous webmasters who frown at domain names with hyphens. This is because they feel that visitors may get confused when entering the URL. However, there are some promotions people who believe that there is great potential for success with search engines and this makes hyphens worth considering.
We need to remember that domain names which are hyphenated are hard to read aloud and give over the phone. Hyphens, especially multiple hyphens, mean more trouble to type for a site visitor.
On the plus side, hyphenated domain names are easier to read when in print and tend to stand out in search engines.
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